PUBG Mobile FPS Boost & Lag Fix for Tencent Gaming Buddy PC Emulator

PUBG Mobile FPS Boost for PC Emulator(Tencent Gaming Buddy)

PUBG Mobile FPS Boost

If you ever played PUBG Mobile on PC using Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator, you know how frustrating can be with all the FPS drops, lag spikes, screen freezing and stuttering during your gameplay.

So what we did is a little digging on how to increase FPS and PC performance so the PUBG Mobile Emulator can perform better and what we found out after few tests is amazing – A HUGE PERFORMANCE BOOST, BETTER FPS, LESS LAG SPIKES & NO FRAME FREEZE!

So before we start off, make sure to download our PUBG Mobile FPS Boost Pack by ET as it contains everything you will need to finish this tutorial!


Download PUBG Mobile PC Emulator FPS BOOST PACK


Step 1: CPU Core Parking

Once you’ve extracted the FPS Boost Pack open it up and the first thing you wanna do is open up the CPUCoreParking folder and install the application.
Once you’ve opened it up make sure everything is set to 100% and leave the System power plan as it is for now as we will cover that later on this guide.

Set all the bars to 100% and click Apply.

Set all the bars to 100% and click Apply.

Step 2: Cleaning temporary files

Moving on to the next step go ahead and open up the Run Command and type in %TEMP%. In this folder you want to select everything inside, right click and delete it. Don’t worry though because these are only temporary files that are no longer in use by your PC or Laptop so deleting them won’t cause any harm whatsoever!

Once you’re done deleting that go back to the run command and type in TEMP without the percent signs, select everything, right click and delete, if there’s anything giving you an error simply skip it and let it stay.

Now for the last one go back to the run command and type in prefetch, here you want to delete everything except for a folder called ReadyBoot which for some reason i myself didn’t have.

Step 3: Set PUBG Mobile Emulator to High Priority

The 3rd step is setting the game to High Priority, so to do this you first need to open up the Run Command and type in regedit, now you can either follow my lead or open the text document to find the path, so once you’re here you
want to go to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options
Add a New Key named “AndroidEmulator.exe
Under that add a New Key named “PerfOptions
Add a New DWORD 32bit named “CpuPriorityClass” and Set value to “3”
And now you have your game set to High Priority.

Step 4: System Configuration

Moving on to step number 4 open up System Configuration and under here you want to tick selective startup, load system services and load startup items.

Next inside of the boot tab click advanced options, tick ‘number of processor‘ and set it to the highest value available.

Under the services tab tick hide all Microsoft services and untick the ones that you don’t need or don’t use, for me i already have those unticked and don’t need to change anything.

Step 5: Disable Superfetch

Go to the run command and type in services.msc, once you’re inside here you want to search for 2 services: Microsoft Search and Superfetch, once you locate them right click, stop them, disable them and apply the changes.

Step 6: Disable Prefetch

Once you’ve done that for the 6th step you want to go to the run command and open up regedit again, once you’re inside go to “HKEY LOCAL Machine>SYSTEM>CurrentControlSet>SessionManager>Memory Management>Prefetch Parameters' double click enableprefetcher and set the value to 0. Apply and exit.

Step 7: Ultimate Performance Power Plan (Win10 users only)

Navigate to the PUBG MOBILE FPS BOOST Pack folder you downloaded and run the “Ultimate Performance Command” file.
After that search for “Power Plan” (or find it in control panel), open it and select Ultimate Performance Plan as your power plan.

Step 8: Emulator Properties

For this step,you want to right click Tencent Gaming Buddy and open file location.

From here go back to TxGameAssistant, UI and find AndroidEmulator. Once you find it right click it and go to Properties and under compatibility tick Disable fullscreen optimizations and Change High DPI settings. Here you want to tick Override High DPI Scaling behavior and set it to application. Apply the changes and exit.

Step 9: Emulator Launch Settings Tweak

Launch Tencent Gaming Buddy and go into the settings by clicking the 3 lines on the top right. Once you’re here go to the engine tab and first you want to be using either DirectX+ if you have a good CPU and Smart mode if you have a low end CPU like a Pentium.

Make sure Render Cache, Enforce Global Render Cache, Prioritize Dedicated GPU and Rendering optimization are ticked.

Moving on to Anti Aliasing, we like to keep it on low but if you have a good GPU you can keep it on Ultimate. For memory and CPU make sure its set to Auto. Resolution and DPI are personal preference however keep in mind a lower resolution does mean more FPS.

Step 10: In-Game Settings Tweaks

And now for the final 10th step once you’re inside the game, go into the Settings and under the Graphics tab set Graphics to Smooth, Frame rate to Extreme, Style to Colorful and as we said, if you have a good GPU you can enable Anti Aliasing however we personally don’t like the look it gives the game. Apply and exit.

If you’ve completed all the steps successfully, we guarantee that the results are overwhelming! 
We hope that you now finally play PUBG Mobile on your PC without any frustrations and a smooth gameplay.

Leave a feedback about what our next tutorial should be, how did you like this one and how much it boosted your performance.

Till next time!

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