Fortnite Season 7 FPS BOOST - Explicit Tutorials
Fortnite Season 7 FPS BOOST

As you may noticed, Epic Games released their 7th season for Fortnite and brought some really good & interesting stuff, but it brought some issues too, so you may be looking for an Ultimate Fortnite Season 7 FPS Boost methods that will help you.

It can be really hard to enjoy gaming if you do not enjoy the privilege to have a smooth gameplay, high fps and low lag spikes.

Thats where we come in the picture. Our team has made some researching, digging and testing and we have collected an amazing collection of 20 WORKING METHODS which will massively boost your FPS in-game and also boost your PC performance off the game.

P.S: Check out our tutorial on how to fix LAG in Fortnite here!

Lets get started with the steps, shall we?

Before you start:


Download Fortnite Season 7 FPS BOOST PACK


Step 1: Cleaning temporary files

Once you’ve downloaded the Fortnite Season 7 FPS BOOST Pack, extract it.
After you extracted the pack go ahead and open it and once you’re inside the folder, double click the “Run Command” file.
Now you want to type in %TEMP% and delete everything in this folder. Don’t worry because all of the files here are completely useless and wont harm your PC in any way possible.

Step 2: Ultimate Performance Power Plan (Win10 users only)

Navigate to the Fortnite Season 7 FPS BOOST Pack folder you downloaded and run the “Ultimate Performance Command” file.
After that search for “Power Plan” (or find it in control panel), open it and select Ultimate Performance Plan as your power plan.

Step 3: Configs

For this step you will need to open up the config folder inside the Fortnite Season 7 FPS Boost Pack, choose what type of PC you have (High/Mid/Low End PC) and then copy the GameUserSettings.ini file. Now open the Run command again and type in %APPDATA% and press Enter.
Navigate back to APPDATA>Local>FortniteGame>Saved>configs>WindowsNoEditor and paste the file in here.
Also while you’re here delete everything inside the Crash Reports folder.

Step 4: Boot Settings

Now you need to go back to the Fortnite Season 7 FPS Boost Pack and open up System Configuration.
In the ‘General’ tab make sure ‘Selective startup’ is ticked and ‘Load startup items and services’ are ticked.
Under ‘Boot’ tab go to ‘Advanced options’ and set ‘number of processors’ to the highest value available.
Under ‘Services’ tab check ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ and disable as many of the services as you can.

Step 5: CPU Core Parking

For this step you will need to open up the CPUCoreParking folder inside the Fortnite Season 7 FPS Boost Pack and install the application.
After the installation is complete, run the program.
After the program is launched, you need to to set every bar to 100%.
If you haven’t done this already, expect that your FPS will increase by at least 20% just by doing this.

Set all the bars to 100% and click Apply.
Set all the bars to 100% and click Apply.

Step 6: Set Fortnite to High Priority

Setting the game to high priority is usually pretty complex process. But we managed to make it as simple as one click, all you have to do is Run as administrator the “High Priority Command” (Located in our FPS Boost Pack).

Step 7: Disable Prefetch

Go to Run command and type in regedit, go to HKEY LOCAL Machine>SYSTEM>CurrentControlSet>SessionManager>Memory Management>Prefetch Parameters then you want to double click ‘enableprefetcher’ and set the value to 0.

Step 8: Disable OneDrive

For the 8th step go back to the Run command and type in gpedit.msc from here go to Administrative Tools > Windows Components > Onedrive, double click ‘Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage’, click enabled, apply and exit.

Step 9: Disable unnecessary services

Go back to the run command again and type in services.msc.
Here you want to find 2 services named Superfetch and Windows search. When you find them, right click on them, go to Properties and disable them both.

Step 10: Updating drivers

Congratulations! You made it to the 10th step which is updating all your drivers.
So to do that you’ll need to download and install Driver Booster.You can download it from HERE.
Once you’ve installed it click SCAN and Update all your drivers as this can help you get a better FPS in no time.

Step 11: CCleaner

Go into the CCleaner folder(inside the Fortnite Season 7 FPS Boost Pack Folder) and install it. After the installation is complete, run CCleaner.
Now you want to do a full scan and remove any unnecessary things that it detects.
You also want to scan the registry and fix any problems that it finds.

Step 12: Discord optimization

The 12th step is for people who play with their friends and talk on discord.
Launch discord and click on the gear icon.Then click Appearance and disable ‘Hardware acceleration’, restart Discord and you’re good to go!

Step 13: Google Chrome optimization

So if you’re a Google Chrome user you’ll need to go to into the Chrome settings –> Advanced –> System and make sure ‘Hardware acceleration’ and ‘Running background apps’ are disabled.
This helps a lot even if Google Chrome isn’t running.

Step 14: Boosting startup

Go to Task Manager and click on the “Startup” tab.
Next you want to disable most of whats in here as it can slow your PC down a lot so make sure that there are not more than ~2-3 programs enabled.

Step 15: Checking disk for errors/bad sectors

Next right click the Windows button and open Windows Powershell(Admin).
In the opened terminal, you simply want to type chkdsk and let it run for however long it takes.
This step could take some time but its worth it.

Open command prompt and type in 'chkdsk', press ENTER and wait until it finishes.
Open command prompt and type in ‘chkdsk’, press ENTER and wait until it finishes.

Step 16: Optimizing nVidia GPU Settings

As always for nVidia users i cant recommend it enough to go into the nVidia control panel by right clicking the desktop and under adjust image settings with preview make sure that your preference is performance,
under 3D settings its best to copy my settings exactly as they are in this video: LINK

Step 17: Epic Games Launcher

Launch Epic Games Launcher and inside the Epic Games Launcher click on the gear button right next to the launch button.
Then scroll down to Fortnite, check “Additional command line arguments” and paste the following command in -PREFFEREDPROCESSOR (Cores) -NOSPLASH where you need to replace “(CORES)” with the logical processors value(you can see what value to replace with by simply going into Task Manager > Performance tab and look for logical processors value).

Replace “CORES” with the value of Logical Processors.

Step 18: Disable background apps

To this day I still see a lot of people making this mistake so what you want to do is to disable every background app while running Fortnite.
You need to do this because everything running in the background takes the PC’s performance away from the game and into those apps.

Step 19: In-game tweaks and optimization

Launch Fortnite and go inside the game.
Next once you’re inside of the game go into Settings.
First thing you’re gonna wanna do for the resolution is set it to Fullscreen.
Also it is preferred to keep everything else to low and make sure VSync and Motion Blur are turned off, as they will kill your in-game performance.

Step 20: Sound Optimization

Search for Sound(Or look into Control Panel).
Then launch it, go to Playback tab, right click on Speakers and click Properties.
Go into the “Enchantments” tab and enable ‘disable all sound effects’ checkbox.
Next go to “Advanced” tab and set the quality(format) to the lowest possible(lowest HZ).

This is the Ultimate Fortnite Season 7 FPS Boost Tutorial that everyone is talking about and if you done all of our steps, make sure to comment with your experience.

We would like to get your feedback on how much your PC performance has increased, how much FPS you gained in-game, critics/compliments and tell us what should our next tutorial be about!

Have fun playing!

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