Are you having a high ping spikes in Fortnite? Connection timeouts? You keep looking for Fortnite Lag Fix? Well we have a solution for you. We have collected 11 methods that absolutely will help you get a more stable and faster connection. All you have to do is follow the steps below.


Method 1: Turn off windows updates

Windows updates is one of the most common background service which takes up your whole bandwith and you end up with a high ping. By default, Windows Updates are enabled and they occur 3-4 times per week sometimes even more.That means your windows is downloading updates from the official Microsoft servers while running in background and then installs them. You are provided the option to disable Automatic Windows updates and its really easy to do, just type Windows Updates in search bar , click on ‘Windows Update Settings’, Advanced Settings and then choose your preferred settings, whether is totally turning off Windows Updates or allowing the service to run at certain time of the day/week.

Method 2: Close any unwanted programs and websites that are running in background

-Most of the people just turn on their computer and they jump into gaming. But there are so many services and programs running in background which are using your RAM / CPU and even Internet Bandwith, and you have no idea whatsoever that they are working.
You can end programs that are running in the background with a very simple maneuver. First open Task Manager, click “More Details” button, and now locate all the programs you think you shouldn’t be running, for example Skype, PDF Reader, OneDrive, Dropbox etc…

Method 3: Play on the closest region available on matchmaking.

One of the most common mistakes I’ve ever seen that gamers do is not caring about the matchmaking region. This is one of the most reliable method to reduce ping and if you wonder why, its because you are playing on servers that are closer to you and your Internet Service Provider which means that the travel time for network packages is lower because the distance is shorter. So choose your closest region and you’ll see a difference right away. Sometimes the Fortnite Lag Fix isn’t nothing special, but something ordinary like this.

Method 4: Switching to cable.

If you are playing on Wi-Fi and you have the option to switch to Ethernet cable, don’t wait and do it now. Yes, you are cable-free with Wi-Fi but at a cost of a slower connection and much weaker signal. This is one of the best methods  for faster internet connection.

Method 5: Move closer to router if on WI-FI

-If you are gaming on your laptop or you are connected to Wi-Fi on your PC and you don’t have an option to connect your device via Ethernet cable, you should definitely try to move as closer as you can to your Router/Modem device. Walls & doors that are between you and the router are obstacles that decreases the Wi-Fi signal you are getting on your device, which results in having weak connection and a lot of latency also known as travel time for the packets send from router to your PC and in reverse way.

Method 6: Reduce the devices that are connected to your network.

Most routers work on a simple First-In-First-Out method. The first who comes gets served. New routers have even implemented Timing concept which means you get certain amount of time to use the router then you go at the back of the row. Then you are waiting again to get first in line to use the router for a certain time.

Now imagine if there are 4 people connected to your router. That means 4 devices wait in row to use the router for a certain time and then they go at the end of the row and so on and on. This results in waiting time for your pc to send and receive packets from the network ,which means higher packet travel time also known as high ping. So reducing devices connected on your network is a huge deal.

Method 7: Restarting router/modem

Routers are working 24/7/365, so they need a break too from all the data that they process every single second. Resetting a router can sometimes fix the problem because it clears all the settings, removes any data and logs that the router keeps in his own memory.

Resetting a router is different for all manufactures and models, so its best to read the router manual document, which comes in package with the router, but there are usually two ways to do this:

By logging into router admin panel and going into Reset Tab or by pressing a button for 20-30 seconds which is usually located at the back of the router device.

Method 8: Test your internet ( and see if it is the guaranteed speed you pay for.

Sometimes the problem isn’t caused by the router, connectivity or your pc, but by your Internet Service Provider. Maybe you are paying for a Lamborghini but all you get from your ISP is a Prius. Go to and test your internet speed, and at the end look at the results, you’ll see three tabs: Download, Upload and Ping. Compare your results with the one your ISP guarantees and if there is a huge difference, go ahead and give them a call, because its their obligation to provide the minimal guaranteed speed.

Method 9: Replace the old router with a new one(make sure you thorougly research routers before purchasing)

Well, if your router is an old one, why don’t you check up the internet and see all the routers that are for sale. But before you do that, it is strongly advised to educate yourself  a little bit more over routers, which one has the best ratings/reviews  and how to measure their performances.

Method 10: Upgrading to a higher package(with higher upload&download).

-Sometimes the high ping is  not a software/hardware based problem, but you have a package that offers very slow guaranteed speed from your ISP. ‘You get what you pay for’, right? If you can, you should seriously consider upgrading to a better package/plan or even changing your ISP with a better one.

But that’s not all, we got bonus one method.

Method 11: Clear your PC from dust.

It may seem weird to you that clearing dust from your PC can boost your internet connection and be the Fortnite lag fix, but think twice. How does your PC connect to your router ? Through a network adapter right? And where is the network adapter card located? Oh yeah, on the motherboard of your PC. So clearing the dust is a MUST for your PC as you will probably gain better performance in FPS aspect too and your PC won’t be choking and waiting for the day to break apart, which probably will be soon if you’ve never cleaned it.
So go get the brush and your vacuum cleaner and clean it up, nobody’s going to do it for you!


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