Fortnite FPS Boost – Ultimate Season 5 🔧


An updated methods that will make your Fortnite gameplay smooth, vanishing your worries about FPS drops and lags.

By sk1dz

Hi guys, its sk1dz from explicit tutorials, and we are back with another great tutorial. Enjoy.

If you’re on the edge of a mental/nervous breakdown, and the cause for that is the constant lag spikes and fps drops in fortnite, we have a great solution to prevent that..
We have collected the TOP 10 updated & Proven methods to help you boost that fps on your low-end rubbish PC, so you can play Fortnite smoothly.


First off download our FPS BOOST PACK containing everything you need for this video from the link in the description.

1st Method: Set Fortnite to High Priority

-Setting Fortnite to High Priority was recently patched & blocked by Epic Games for some reason, but we wouldn’t be so good at what we do if we didn’t found an alternative. First you need to type regedit in your search bar and open it. After that navigate to this path: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options . Right click on ‘Image File Execution Options‘ and click Add New Key. The name of the key should be same as the name of the Fortnite process in Task Manager(FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe).

-After that click on that key, right click and press Add new Key.This key will be named ‘PerfOptions’. Click on PerfOptions key and on the right side of the window right click into the empty space and click add DWORD(32bit), name it ‘CpuPriorityClass’. After that, edit the key you just added with right clicking on it and click edit value and then enter ‘3’ and save it. That’s it, you’ve set it up to high priority now!

2nd Method: Edit Boot Options

-Execute ‘RUN’ and write ‘msconfig’ into the input box. After that go to Boot and press Advanced Options. Now go enable this checkbox and select the highest value of the dropdown option provided. For me its 4. Save this and exit.

3rd Method: Power Plan

-Into your search bar write ‘Power Plan’ and option like ‘Choose your power plan’ should come up. Click on it and then on the window that opened select High Performance.

4th Method: Set Launch Options

-Open EpicGames launcher and go into settings and at the bottom you will see Additional Command Line arguments. Check that checkbox first. Now go to Task Manager -> Performance -> CPU and on the right side you will see a label named ‘Cores’. Now replace the value of –PREFERREDPROCESSOR with the value you see in task manager.


Now copy all of these launch options into the input box of Additional Command Line Arguments.

5th Method: Win Ultimate Tweaker

-Download and install Windows Ultimate Tweaker.You can download it here: FPS BOOST PACK . After you downloaded and & installed it, open Windows Ultimate Tweaker, go to Performance and move all the slidebars to the left. Check the boxes I have checked too, and press Apply.

6th Method: Disable sound effects

-In your searchbar write Sound, click on it, and then go to speakers, right click on your default device -> Properties->Enchantments and click Disable Enchantments . Then go to Advanced and select the lowest format from the dropdown box.

7th method: Adjust Windows for Best Performance

Search for Advanced System Settings -> Advanced -> Performance-> Settings Button->Visual Effects and select adjust for best performance

8th Method: Paging System

Go to Advanced System Settings -> Advanced -> Performance -> Advanced and click the Change button on the bottom.

Disable the ‘automatically manage paging file sizes for all drives’ option and select your System Managed volume drive.  Check the radio buton that says ‘Custom size’ and enter a value that says it is recommended at the bottom of the window. Copy the value into Maximum Size box too. Press the ‘SET’ button and click Apply

9th Method: CPU Core Parking

Download & Install CPU Core Parking (Everything you need for this tutorial can be found in the FPS BOOST PACK ) and follow my settings. This will help you to use your Windows Reserved CPU Space for games. Put all the sliders to 100% and click apply.

10th Method: File Properties Editing

Go to your Fortnite folder and go to FortniteGame->Binaries->Win64 and find these 4 files.

Right click->Properties ->Compatibility and check Disable Full Screen Optimizations box. Now go to Change DPI Settings and check Override high DPI scalling behavior.

Repeat these steps for the remaining 3 files.

If this didn’t help you, you can always try our  YT Video:

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