Fortnite Android – RELEASE DATE & FREE LOOT

Today we’re talking about Fortnite Android, when will come out, how you can get it and how you can get the FREE SKIN along with it. Enjoy!

Fortnite Android-Release Date & Free Loot

A quick overview on Fortnite, their upcoming release for Android, their implementation, supported devices, free loot and release date!

By Sk1dz

Fortnite Android Compatible Devices

Fortnite Android Compatible Devices

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So let’s get into what you clicked on this post. 

STEP 1 – Compatible device

Now, if you want Fortnite Android, make sure you have a compatible device.It will only be able to be played on the devices shown on the image above.

Right now if you have one you can proceed to the next step. 

STEP 2 – Beta Key 

Fortnite has just gone into Beta on Android and you can sign up for it with your email by clicking on this LINK.  If you get picked as a participant in the Beta, you will receive an email and be able to download the application.

Something that is quite concerning about it though is that Fortnite Android will not be a part of the Google Play Store, meaning that they would have to invest a lot more money into making it secure for everyone to download as they won’t have Google’s protection, leaving the room for cheaters and pirated content.

STEP 3 – Installing

Now let’s say you’ve got a compatible device & beta key. Next thing you would want is to download installation (link will be provided to you by epicgames) and install Fortnite Android on your phone. What do you need to get that awesome looking GALAXY SKIN for FREE?

Well you need $650 apparently thus making it the MOST EXPENSIVE SKIN EVER, at least for Fortnite.

In order to receive it you need either a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 costing about $1000 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S, costing about $650, there’s still no confirmation that the skin will be able to be transferred over to other platforms.

However, if it does, you can guarantee that we at Explicit Tutorials will find a way to get it to your account for FREE, but for now, all we can do is wait.

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