CS:GO Panorama Review

Hey guys!
First we are sorry we haven’t posted a video in a while, we have been REALLY busy with some other stuff but now we are here and we have just uploaded a review of the CS:GO Panorama UI.

Just when everyone was thinking that CS:GO couldn’t be more dead as a game, their team came up with something new and unexpected – the CS:GO Panorama User Interface. Why now you might be wondering? Well every update has a positive impact on the game(at least most of them) and CS:GO might get some returning users that will check the new Panorama UI and maybe find the long lost love for CS:GO.

Anyways, we have made a complete video on how to enable CS:GO Panorama and a short review of advantages vs disadvantages and all the impact that will Panorama have on the game.
Here is the video:

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